Tuesday, March 16, 2010

~HoW I GoT My HTC~

I've been wanted to change my phone. My Sony Ericsson w580i was in total disaster...

I wrecked my head, tried to figure out which type of phone to buy. Initially I was thinking of a PDA phone. They said, a medical student will need a PDA phone, sooner or later... So, I've set my budget upto RM2000, nothing more than that.

So, I've considered most of the HTCs that have a little bit of cheeky design...

Like HTC Tattoo...

HTC Hero...

I did a survey on my Facebook status and most of my friends recommended iPhone 3gs

or nexus 1

Both are awesome phones, especially iPhone but both are far over my budget la friends! Huhu...

After doing research for few days, FuYew told me that android phones can't read ebooks yet... So, Tattoo, Hero, Nexus are all out of considerations... I've to start looking all over again... Have to look for Window Mobiles specifically this time, if I want a phone that can read ebooks.

Suddenly, I got a brilliant idea out of the blue, why don't I buy an iPod Touch (RM780) and a basic phone with some cheeky designs (less than RM1000)! It will still within my budget!

So, I started searching for basic phones, few models had caught my eyes...

First of all, LG Lollipop!!!

I was totally crazy about this phone! I've got a thing with flip phone, I always think they're sexy and very feminine. I wanted it so much that I nearly bought it the next day! (RM800)

Samsung Corby!!!

I've seen this phone in the Korean Series "You're Beautiful", and it's really catchy! There were advertisement on Corby series all over the shopping malls. Really very tempting! (RM600)

But in the end, I didn't buy any of the basic phones, because what my brother and FuYew said were quite correct. What for spending RM800 to buy a phone that has similar function with my old phone? I should go for a phone with higher spec. So, with a very heavy heart, I bid goodbye to my dear Lollipop and Corby...

After that, I went into a PDA shop, asked the guy for some good recommendations based on what I required and my budget. He recommended some Acer PDA.

One thing about Acer's PDA is that, they have really big screen! Kind of bulky to me. By the way, I'm not very confident in Acer phone, because I don't have any friends using it.

Then, he recommended HTC Touch 2, which got all the specs I need.

1) Can read Ebooks
2) WiFi
3) 3.15mp camera
4) Call and messages
5) Within my budget

Since I don't need 3G and GPS, so he recommended me HTC Touch 2 Special Version, which is RM500 cheaper and it's silver in colour! Hehe!

But he sells the phone in a higher price compare to the other shops, so, after thanking him for the information, I went to the HTC retail shop (exactly beside the PDA shop) to survey the price. (Feel kind of guilty to the guy, he really did help me a lot!)

After one week of careful considerations, I've decided to settle for the HTC Touch 2 Special Version. I went back to the HTC retail shop, got it for exactly RM1000 (phone + 8gb memory card)! And voila! My first PDA and my very own HTC!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

~ThE ReTuRn Of Me~

This blog is a bit out of date, but I still feel that I should make an entry of me leaving India for good!

On 12th February 2010, right after finishing our Comprehensive Examination, we packed our stuff and begin the journey back home.

Everything started off well. Minn Yin, Saou Saou and me took a taxi from Manipal to Mangalore Airport. From there, we boarded Kingfisher Airlines and flew to Bangalore. We "camped" at Bangalore International Airport for 6 hours to wait for THE flight of the day that will fly us back to our home.

That's when the disaster happened. Very unfortunately, MAS charged me for extra baggage weight. It was a long story, to make it short, I've to pay for almost RM300 in order to bring everything back to Malaysia. T.T

We're going back to Penang!! Haha!!

In the end, we reached home safely on the day of reunion dinner!!! Yeay!! :)