Tuesday, March 9, 2010

~ThE ReTuRn Of Me~

This blog is a bit out of date, but I still feel that I should make an entry of me leaving India for good!

On 12th February 2010, right after finishing our Comprehensive Examination, we packed our stuff and begin the journey back home.

Everything started off well. Minn Yin, Saou Saou and me took a taxi from Manipal to Mangalore Airport. From there, we boarded Kingfisher Airlines and flew to Bangalore. We "camped" at Bangalore International Airport for 6 hours to wait for THE flight of the day that will fly us back to our home.

That's when the disaster happened. Very unfortunately, MAS charged me for extra baggage weight. It was a long story, to make it short, I've to pay for almost RM300 in order to bring everything back to Malaysia. T.T

We're going back to Penang!! Haha!!

In the end, we reached home safely on the day of reunion dinner!!! Yeay!! :)


Hui Pheng Neoh said...

Esther, your exam date was 12th FEB.. haha... anyway, such confusion is normal lar.. =)
Wish u all the best in malacca.^^

Esther Leow said...

haha!! thx for your reminder! i've changed it. Hee.

少芬 kee said...


Esther Leow said...