Saturday, January 23, 2010


Semester 5 is really a honeymoon semester!! Time has past real fast this semester. Everyday is about posting, TVB dramas, Taiwanese dramas, Korean dramas and Japanese dramas!! Haha! In fact, I just finished another drama - Buzzer Beat!

It was awesome!! Made my heart beats irregularly all the time! Lol! Three words to summarized this drama - BASKETBALL, MUSIC & ROMANCE. It's a bit typical though, but still, these kind of dramas never fail to make my heart melts! Haha! I found that the clips showed in the opening song is more breathtaking and exciting than what was showed in the drama itself. Haha.
Introducing the main actor...

Yamashita Tomohisa as Kamiya Naoki. He's such a sweetheart, right? Haha!

I give this drama a rating of 9/10!


On the side note, I'm going to leave Manipal for good very soon!! Before going back, there are a lot of things that I have to settle first. Packing the boxes is one of my main agenda now. I MUST finish packing all the boxes by the end of next week!! Deep inside, I still feel a little bit sad of leaving this place. In fact, this is the place that mark the beginning of my transformation into a future doctor, this is the place that I can own and ride a scooter, this is a place where I can simply get everything by delivery, this is a place where I met the love of my life. I'm so glad that our 1.5 year separation is going to end soon!!! I just can't hold the excitement inside my chest anymore!! I'M COMING BACK, DEAR!!!!!! Hehe! I've got just one thing to say at the end of the day.


p/s: 21 days and countdowning...

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Nimisha Prem said...

I was looking through pics of HARIMA(jap resturant) when i came across the pics in ure blog. When i surfed around i saw u like asian dramas too. Plus, ure in manipal univesity?! I'm a manipal university student too but in the bangalore campus(BSc Animation). I just thought i'd drop a hai! ^_^ Lemme know if you come to bangalore again. Maybe we can meet? Ja ne!