Sunday, November 1, 2009

~ThE EXoRcISm~

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Esther. She was very cheerful and talkative.

One day, she was talking happily with her classmates...

Suddenly she stopped!

And smirked on her own...

All of a sudden, she looked up with her eyes wide opened!

And laughed so loud that she made all the people around her jumped up!

*Hezry: "Oh my god! She scares the s*** out of me!!"*

*Lau: "Oh no!! She has been possessed!!"*

All the other classmates were shocked too! But they kept their cool and quickly formed an exorcist team...

...consists of Fatin the Water, Kelvin the Fire, Ken the Earth, Praba the Wood and Josepha the Metal!

However, they are still amateurs in this field, so the exorcism was supervised by 3 Elders.

"Healing is our profession!"

With the power of the Five Elements, they successfully forced the spirit out of Esther's body.

And this was what they saw...

It was Dhamarah the naughty little spirit that has been messing around with Esther! But since the exorcists were very kind, they decided not to destroy the naughty little spirit. To show her appreciation, Dhamarah promised to be more obedient after this.


Ok, I know it's a very lame story. But it's just for fun, hope you guys enjoyed it! Hee! Special thanks to all the casts and crews. Hope you guys don't mind me using your names and photos. If anyone feel offended, please do tell me, and I'm very sorry about it. Peace! ^.^