Thursday, July 30, 2009

~PrE-UniVeRsItY ExAm StReSs SyNdRoMe~

ARRRRRGHHHHHH!!! I just need a place to scream my heart out... I just realised that things I studied yesterday, I can't recall them at all today! I think everybody is having the same feeling as I am having right now ---> STRESS!! Haih... Study every day and night is just too tiring. I really miss the shoulder I cried on last year at this crucial moment. Sob... Sob... I forgot how many time I broke down into tears last year, but so far the record for this year is still 0. Maybe I was more fragile in front of you. I just wish I can be stronger mentally and physically right now.

It's just too frustrating to realise that most of the thing I've studied actually didn't register into my brain yet. How many times do I need to read the same thing again and again so that it can stick into my brain cells??? As I'm so short of time now, I don't have the time to study them again!!! All the drug names are confusing me!!! SDLs, ILs, I'm just going to skip them all!!! Huhu... Dear, I miss you so much!!!

Ok, stop whining, back to study... Wish me luck everyone...

Monday, July 27, 2009


Today is a solemn day, as Malaysia has lost one of the most talented film director. Little I've known about her till the day she got hit by stroke and collapse. She looked very motherly to me. Upon reading the news, only then I knew that she was the director of the famous "Sepet".

After receiving the news of her death yesterday, I went to search online to know more about her, one of the most memorable director the Malaysian film industry could've had. It was a shame that I only came to know about her and all her great works after she had laid in peace. She was the one behind the scenes of all those advertisements that stole my tears away and carved a smile on my face. Nobody will portrait Malaysia multiracial culture better than her. It really make my heart ache when I think of her absence in the film industry after this.

The funny and cute "Love Story of Tan Hong Ming", the "Funeral" which everyone was talking about in the Facebook for sometime back and many many more of those festive season's advertisement were the great works of her. I definitely going to catch up all the films directed by her after "Mukhsin", for example


and "Talentime".

I hope that Yasmin and her works will be remembered forever. Rest in peace Yasmin.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

~RaInInG SeAsOn In MaNiPaL~

I kind of like the raining season in Manipal, given that I have no classes and no need to go out of the house.

Reasons why I like the raining season so much:
1) It's cool and cozy inside the house!
2) It makes me euphoric for no reasons.
3) With just a simple phone call, I can get my hot, nice food sent right up to my doorstep. (I'm gonna miss this service when I go back to M'sia)
4) It makes my bed looks cozier than usual. ZzzZzzz...
5) A bowl of hot Maggi for supper/teatime has never been so satisfying.
Actually, it's all about eat and sleep during this season. Heh Heh...

The downside of it only happens when I have to step out of the house and do some chores. The rain never gives any warning or time to get myself prepared for it. It just hit my face hard and cold without any sympathy when I'm riding my scooter. Sometimes I can't even open my eyes. Now I've learned my lessons, I'll take the auto whenever I'm going out. Although it's a bit expensive... Haih... Oh one more! There's no seafood available during raining season... Huhu...

Whatever it is, I still prefer the raining season over the hot and dry season in Manipal! Hee.

Friday, July 3, 2009

~My AnGeL~

It felt like I've fallen in love all over again when I saw this photo yesterday.

Isn't he an angel??? Awww... I really wish that I can meet him now! Hopefully with all these loves, he won't get spoiled in the future. Hee. I miss you, Brandon!! ^.^