Wednesday, September 2, 2009

~HoLiDaY AgAiN~

It's that time of the year again, when I can throw away all my medic books and enjoy all the time I have to the fullest!!! Hehe!

I know there'll be a lot of exciting activities lying ahead for me. But little did I expect to experience one so soon right after I landed my foot on my homeground. When I stepped out of the arrival hall, there he is, holding a bouquet of roses with the most charming yet embarassing smile carved on his face! Oh, my heart melted at the exact moment I saw him! I made three steps into two, and threw myself into his arms! I've wanted for this hug for way too long!! I missed him so much!!! It must took a lot of courage for him to stand in front of so many people, holding a bouquet in his hand! Thank you dear for doing all these things for me, I was so thrilled and happy and so touched when I saw you yesterday!! No words can describe my feeling at that time! I love you!! Hee!!

After spending few precious hours in LCCT with Fu Yew, then it's time to hop on another plane to be with my family. It always feel comfortable to be back at home. Woke up this morning, breakfast was already set up on the table for me! Mom cooked my favourite lotus root soup and tempura fish for lunch! Yum yum!! I really hope that I can gain some weight during this holiday. Hee.

I bet there'll be more to come for this holiday! I'll post them up whenever I got the time la. For the moment, happy holidays to all my friends!! Cheers~

Coming up next: ~StRaIgHt~


Cik Langau said...

wow... jealousnye i... hahaha... anyway... happy holiday!!!

norfaridahanum mad norizan said...

i miss u=(i slalu trun manipal but we hardly bumped into each other

iv linked ur blog 2 mine.sng nk kp in touch.hope u dun mind k