Monday, July 27, 2009


Today is a solemn day, as Malaysia has lost one of the most talented film director. Little I've known about her till the day she got hit by stroke and collapse. She looked very motherly to me. Upon reading the news, only then I knew that she was the director of the famous "Sepet".

After receiving the news of her death yesterday, I went to search online to know more about her, one of the most memorable director the Malaysian film industry could've had. It was a shame that I only came to know about her and all her great works after she had laid in peace. She was the one behind the scenes of all those advertisements that stole my tears away and carved a smile on my face. Nobody will portrait Malaysia multiracial culture better than her. It really make my heart ache when I think of her absence in the film industry after this.

The funny and cute "Love Story of Tan Hong Ming", the "Funeral" which everyone was talking about in the Facebook for sometime back and many many more of those festive season's advertisement were the great works of her. I definitely going to catch up all the films directed by her after "Mukhsin", for example


and "Talentime".

I hope that Yasmin and her works will be remembered forever. Rest in peace Yasmin.

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