Sunday, July 19, 2009

~RaInInG SeAsOn In MaNiPaL~

I kind of like the raining season in Manipal, given that I have no classes and no need to go out of the house.

Reasons why I like the raining season so much:
1) It's cool and cozy inside the house!
2) It makes me euphoric for no reasons.
3) With just a simple phone call, I can get my hot, nice food sent right up to my doorstep. (I'm gonna miss this service when I go back to M'sia)
4) It makes my bed looks cozier than usual. ZzzZzzz...
5) A bowl of hot Maggi for supper/teatime has never been so satisfying.
Actually, it's all about eat and sleep during this season. Heh Heh...

The downside of it only happens when I have to step out of the house and do some chores. The rain never gives any warning or time to get myself prepared for it. It just hit my face hard and cold without any sympathy when I'm riding my scooter. Sometimes I can't even open my eyes. Now I've learned my lessons, I'll take the auto whenever I'm going out. Although it's a bit expensive... Haih... Oh one more! There's no seafood available during raining season... Huhu...

Whatever it is, I still prefer the raining season over the hot and dry season in Manipal! Hee.

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