Thursday, July 30, 2009

~PrE-UniVeRsItY ExAm StReSs SyNdRoMe~

ARRRRRGHHHHHH!!! I just need a place to scream my heart out... I just realised that things I studied yesterday, I can't recall them at all today! I think everybody is having the same feeling as I am having right now ---> STRESS!! Haih... Study every day and night is just too tiring. I really miss the shoulder I cried on last year at this crucial moment. Sob... Sob... I forgot how many time I broke down into tears last year, but so far the record for this year is still 0. Maybe I was more fragile in front of you. I just wish I can be stronger mentally and physically right now.

It's just too frustrating to realise that most of the thing I've studied actually didn't register into my brain yet. How many times do I need to read the same thing again and again so that it can stick into my brain cells??? As I'm so short of time now, I don't have the time to study them again!!! All the drug names are confusing me!!! SDLs, ILs, I'm just going to skip them all!!! Huhu... Dear, I miss you so much!!!

Ok, stop whining, back to study... Wish me luck everyone...


sXydeViL said...

all the best dear esther.
am sure u can pull this through =)

Esther Leow said...

thx sulin! :)