Saturday, May 2, 2009

~CuTe FaCeS~

I miss my nephew, Brandon Leow. Wonder how's he now, has he learn to turn his body already? Can he sit up on his own? Has he learn how to talk? Awwww... Imagining his cute face does make me smile. I just wish I can pinch his cute little face now! Hee. Presenting here few pictures I stole from his dad's handphone during the holiday last month.

Awwwwwww... Come come, let aunty help you to wipe off your saliva. Hehe.

"I'm the big boss!"

"What are you doing, dad? I'm drinking water la..."

Here's the baby of mine, which I miss him every single moment! Miss him until every single cell in my body got his face on their cell walls! Keke.
Doesn't he look cute and innocent?? That's my baby! Heeee.

Even his pseudo-angry face makes me laugh too! Rofl! *Pinchhhhhhhh!!*

What I want to say is, I miss you badly, my dear... I love you!!

Must take good care of yourself when I'm not at your side oh! I'll be back in no time!!! ^.^

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