Tuesday, March 3, 2009

~UpDaTe! UpDaTe!~

Without me realising it, I'm already in the 2nd week of my holidays! Times seems to pass by real fast... I've been running here and there, did quite a lot of things, but sadly didn't take much photos. What to do, I'm a blogger without a proper camera... -.- Wish to buy one soon. Hee. Okay, let's recapture what I've done during my holiday so far.

First stop - SEREMBAN
I reach LCCT at around 4pm, and Fu Yew's parents were waiting outside the arrival hall for me. There was a slight change of plan upon my arrival. Fu Yew was having class that particular afternoon and his mom offered to pick me up at the airport since Uncle Sam (Fu Yew's dad)'s flight arrived an hour earlier than mine. I was super nervous about meeting his parents when I arrived (although this is not the first time, but still...). But to my relief, it was not as awkward as I thought. Aunty gave me a warm welcome hug and my nervousness all melt off at that particular moment. It was really sweet and meaningful to have my boyfriend's parents to pick me up, I was touched (of course, a little bit pai seh also). Thank you so much uncle aunty! ^.^

When we reached Fu Yew's house, he was already back from the college. Omg, this was more nervous than meeting his parents. He held out his hands, I dived into his arms without second thought. A tight hug was all I needed. How much I missed him!!! But I know Josephine was watching *blushed*. When I entered his room, there was something on his bed. It was a bouquet of rose with a little bear in it. It was so beautiful! It has been more than half a year I didn't receive any flowers from him, I was so touched. He really knows how to make me happy. Hee.

At night, I took a bus from Seremban to go back to Butterworth. It feel very sad to separate from him again...

Second stop - BUTTERWORTH
It always feels good to back at home. My mom was thrilled to see me. I missed her too of course. Seeing the increasing amount of wrinkles on her face make my throat tighten for a while. I promise myself not to quarrel so much with her after this. I must treat her better!

It's fun to see Benjamin too. Now I can be his part time girlfriend, he won't feel that lonely anymore. Haha. It's always nice to have someone to talk to before going to sleep, someone to watch movies together and someone to go shopping with, right bro? Keke. Of course, not forgetting my other brother, Daniel, and his family. He was so busy, I hardly had anytime to meet up with him. But luckily, I got the chance to meet my sister in law and of course, my beloved nephew - Brandon!!! I was so excited to see him, he is sooooooooo cute!! (unlike his dad. Haha.) One thing that makes me love him more is that he doesn't cry much, and he loves to smile!!! How can anyone don't love baby like him??? Hee.

Brandon and Grandma.

Third stop - MALACCA
After spending 2 days in home sweet home, I took a bus to Malacca to meet up with Fu Yew. I'm planning to stay with him in Malacca for 2 weeks. Hee. I was like a fulltime housewife during my stay in Malacca. You know, I love to cook right? I actually bought a book of recipes from Popular before I came to Malacca. Looking at Fu Yew finishing all the dishes I cooked was so satisfying and happy! Hopefully my cooking has improved after half year of intensive training in India. Haha. Maybe I can share some of the recipes next time. It was not hard at all. Hee. I really enjoy spending time with Fu Yew like this. Although we didn't go out much (because he's having his exam starting from tommorrow), but as long as I'm close to him, I'm happy. Once again, we can watch drama together, spend as much time as we want together. The separation has brought our hearts even closer together when we meet up. We really appreciate every single moment together now.

We went back to Seremban for the weekend and I had my hair trimmed. I was shocked to see so many split ends the day before. I wanted to change my hair style at first, but since the hair stylist said my hair is still curly, then I shouldn't waste the money spent on them last time. Hee.
Right after the hair cut.

I like blue!! Hee.

I'm currently at Melaka now. Will go back to Butterworth next week. Happy holiday to everyone! Hee.


Kit Sze said...

He held out his hands, I dived into his arms without second thought. A tight hug was all I needed.

AAAAHHHHHH!!!! i dont knw how that feels yet!!! everyone else met their other half already except me!!

enjoy the rest of yr holiday :)

Esther Leow said...

Nvm kit sze, you'll meet him in no time! By the way, your other half is coming back for good now, you'll have plenty of time to spend with him after this. Hee. Good luck with your sessionals! ^.^

kzss said...

waa...esther, u reli look good in this new hairstyle lar. Stick with this and dont simply go to indian barble shop again...haha

Esther Leow said...

haha! hopefully when go back to india still can maintain the same hairstyle lar. hee.