Saturday, March 28, 2009

~HatYaI 09~

During my last week of holiday, I went to Hatyai, Thailand with Fu Yew's family. It was my first time setting my foot on another foreign land other than India. As usual, I was totally excited about it! Haha.

Fu Yew's parents are expert in Hatyai, I think they have went there numerous times. We drove there, together with Fu Yew's uncle and aunty. His dad can consider as the best tourist guide and his mom is the best shopping leader. Haha.

Day 1 (16.03.09, Monday)
Once we crossed the Thai border, it was already noon time. His dad brought us to this very nice restaurant near there - The Water View Restaurant. The surrounding was so relaxing and comforting. Definitely the perfect place to rest our feet after the long travel. The restaurant was built around a lake, and the restaurant was surrounded by beautiful plants and decoration.

Fu Yew's dad (left) and Fu Yew's uncle (right). They are wine lovers. Hee.

In the garden of Water View.

He's my man! Haha.

This is how they serve our food. Unique right? Haha.

They served the best tom yam ever! It's so sour and spicy! All thumbs up!!! Hehe.

A very special prawn dish. Yummylicious!

Actually, there were several other super nice dishes too, but my fingers were busy digging food into my mouth, so didn't have the chance to take photos. Haha.

After lunch, Uncle Sam (Fu Yew's dad) brought us to a street that's full of nurseries at the roadside. They have varieties of beautiful flowers and flower pots, and they are all very cheap compare to the price in Malaysia!
Orchid gazing. Hee.

Fu Yew refused to take picture with the flowers, he said it's very "pondan" doing so. Haha. So, I secretly snapped this photo of him. Wakakakaz. Sorry dear! Heee...

A very special heart-shaped plant.

Day 2 (17.03.09, Tuesday)
We woke up very early in the morning, because there was a very important agenda that day --- SHOPPING a.k.a. 血拼! Haha. Fu Yew's mom was our shopping guide. She's expert in this. But before we start our project, we have to recharge our energy first. No energy, how to shop?? We had our breakfast at a market nearby. Fu Yew brought us to eat this special "yao char kuai".

They were shorter than those found in Malaysia, and they were butterfly-shaped! So cute and tasty! It was best eaten when it's still hot and dip with "kaya". Yum yum. The stall was always fulled with customers.

After we got our energy, we headed straight to the bazaar. It was supposed to be a girls' day out, but since I was a first timer, so my beloved boyfriend sacrificed his sleeping time and became my walking troley. Teeeheee... Tell me, how can I not love him more? Hehe.
Our first prey ---> SHOES!!!

The place was so huge, we didn't even have the time to visit every stall.

Believe me, Hatyai was the best shopping place I've ever been to. The things there were so cheap and it's not outdated at all. Of course, the quality won't be that good. But who cares? It still worth each and every penny. At least I'm happy with it. Hee.
Eventually, we didn't have the energy to walk back to our hotel, so we took a tut-tut back. It's also my first time! Hee.

Harvest of the day! But not all are mine, half of them belong to Fu Yew's mom. Hee.

These are mine. Kawaii ne?

Of course, we didn't only shop for shoes, blouses and backpack were our target too!

Believe it or not, all these shopping didn't even cost me more than RM200!

After that, Uncle Sam brought us to a small hill in the Hatyai Municipal Park to have our lunch.

They served delicious Thai food too. No doubt, my stomach also enjoy to it's fullest during this trip. Burrppp!

After lunch, it's time to have a walk around the park. Our first stop, the "Four Faces Buddha". The golden elephants surrounding the statue shone so brightly under the sun, it blinded my eyes...

Here, a lot of people burned fireworks and tied the red ribbon on the wishing tree for good luck in whatever they pray for.

Hsien trying to hang his wish on the wishing tree. Let's wish him good luck in his PMR! Jia you!!! ^.^

Next, we moved higher up to visit the huge golden statue of Buddha.

It was very windy and the scenery was superb! I just like the feeling of hanging around there. So relaxing. So refreshing. So nice! Even Fu Yew who is camera shy also couldn't help himself from asking his bro to help us snap some pictures. Haha.
The windy style.

The squatting style.

The bollywood style. LOL.

Then, we visited the Kuan Yin Statue. It always amazed me to look at all these super huge and lifelike statues.

Fu Yew and Hsien walking into the dragon mouth!

No worries, it's just an entrance to a garden where the Smiling Buddha, Jade Emperor and 12 Zodiac animals were situated.
Introducing, Rabbit Nee!!! Haha.

Day 3 (18.03.09, Tuesday)
On the last day of our trip, before we cross the Thai border, Uncle Sam brought us to a dog farm. When we stepped inside, the barks were deafening! It must be at least hundreds of puppies inside there!
This is Fu Yew's favourite - the Golden Retriever.

This was one of my favourite, I don't know exactly what it's called. Looking at them made me want to hug them!! Don't you think their fur look very inviting?? Hee.

All of them looked hyperactive and they were all trying their best to jump out from the cage. Pity them... But we can only looked at them, as we were not allowed to bring any flora or fauna across the border. Huhu.
After that we went to a veteranian clinic or should I say vet hospital? It was huge and so well equipped, I think it's even more well-developed than some of our government health clinics. Sometimes, dogs' lives can be even better than human. Hee. We headed home after that.

There were a lot of other photos about the trip, you can click on my Facebook album to view it.

That's all about my trip to Hatyai. I really enjoyed it a lot! Thank you Uncle Sam for being such a good tour guide, thank you aunty for bringing me around to shop and of course, thank you my dear for being such a good companion! Thank you very very much everyone! ^.^

p/s: I'm looking forward to our next holiday trip, dear! Hee.


FuYew said...

I miss the thai food! Haha, nxt time we go to the lake side restaurant n eat again. Muahahaha!

Bean said...

wow... syok lo... i wanna go oso... haha

Esther Leow said...

to FuYew: No no, next stop we're going to Lang Tengah first. Heee.

to Bean: Go la! i tot ur unis not very far from the border rite? just drive there. hee.

Anonymous said...

Fu Yew? sounds like Fuck You. So did u get a good fuck from him?

IT Writer said...

Hi, juz want to ask about the dog farm. Where is the dog farm located?? Pls tell us bcoz it's to find a dog farm in hatyai.. Me and my sister want to visit for a long time already.. TQ.

Rainbow 彩虹 ♥ said...

May I know which bazaar is that???