Thursday, March 26, 2009

~BaCk To MaNiPaL~

I'm back to Manipal for almost 3 days now. Many things happened over the past weeks. I've went to Hatyai with Fu Yew's family a week before I came back to India. Will blog about it later. Hee. 1 month vacation is so not enough. Now, I'm back here again, together with my brother this time. He's planning to go on a 33 days trip around India alone. *sweat*

I had my last dinner in Malaysia together with Fu Yew, his sis Joan and my bro Ben.

Actually, I had the same thing for my first dinner in Malaysia during this holiday -- steamboat!! Haha.

The next morning, we took off from LCCT and reach Trichy Airport 3.5 hours later. When I stepped out from the plane, my heart felt like as if it was filled with tonnes of stones. When I thought of my dear's face, a lump can be felt inside my throat.

I'm sick of being surrounded by all these tempes. I felt so easily irritated when I stand on this piece of land.

Even the food is hard to swallow...

This was worse than the first time I came back from vacation. My mind was filled with Fu Yew, my family and the upcoming unis. When Fu Yew called me, I couldn't fight back my tears anymore, they all rolled down my cheeks like beads of loose pearls. I missed him so much!!! It was so hard to pull myself out of the misery.

We had to spend one whole day in Trichy. Being first time in India, Ben was so curious and excited about his surrounding. As his temporary host, I have to get over my emotions as much as possible and accompany him to walk around. Luckily, with humourous Ben by my side, I seemed to relax a bit. We visited few tourist spots around the area, like...

Our Lady of Lourdes Church

It was the largest and most beautiful church I've ever been to.

When I was inside, I felt totally cut out from the world outside. I felt peace in my mind. Although I'm not a devoted Christian, but it always make me feel calm when I pray to God. When I'm fragile, He makes me feel stronger.

Isn't the church beautiful? You've to be there to feel it.

Then, we proceeded to the Rock Fort Temple, just opposite the road. As the name suggested, the temple is entirely built from rocks or maybe, built IN the rocks.

We have to climb don't know how many flights of stairs, bare-footed, to reach the small temple at the top. Luckily I was wearing thick socks, but Ben was not that lucky, his feet nearly cooked after walking on the hot stairs. Haha.

I think the temple is at the highest peak in Trichy. The view was superb.

The weather is so hot and dry. Take a good look at the photo below.

The desert looking piece of land is actually the river bed. Due to the hot weather, now there only left a small stream running. Just imagine...

After that, we visited another temple. But I can't really recall the name of the temple. To me, it's nothing special, we can find this kind of temple anywhere in Malaysia too.

Lonely Planet is our guide and it will be Ben's bible for the next 30 days.

We boarded our train at 5a.m. the next day. Thinking of going back soon to somewhere I'm familiar with, however, my mood lighten a bit. Maybe I just don't like being at a foreign place.

My bro stayed with me for almost 3 days in Manipal to finish his works and planned his trip. It feel nice to have him here. At least my room won't feel that empty anymore.

Ben in End Point Garden.

He left Manipal tonight to continue his journey to the North then turn East to reach Bangladesh. He'll be flying back to Malaysia from there. Pray hard that he'll have a happy and safe trip. Good luck brother! I know you can make it!!! ^.^

p/s: Wish my dear Happy Semester 7!!! I miss you always.


fuyew said...

Good luck in the north india trip~ =)

Fuyew said...

Dear, why the 1st few pictures of u look so sad de? Huhu. Cheer up! It's only 5 months, vr fast de~ =)

Esther Leow said...

miss u ma... wan a big bear hug from u!!! hee. ya, very fast de!!!!! let's jia you together oh dear!! heee.

vicky said...

After that, we visited another temple. But I can't really recall the name of the temple. To me, it's nothing special, we can find this kind of temple anywhere in Malaysia too.

If the statement u gave above,is about the temple whose picture u have pasted,

then madame it could well be the stupidest comment ever made about INDIA.

The temple u have mentioned is srirangam and it is the largest functional hindu temple on earth... The unfucntional one being the one in angkor vat..

it was perhaps unintresting since most of the temple area is off-limits to foreigners...

better take back your word, for u haven't seen most of the temple..