Thursday, February 12, 2009


I'm having exams tomorrow, and yet I'm writing an entry. I can't stand it anymore. My heart feel like it's going to burst anytime soon. I can't wait to go back to Malaysia. I'm really stress out with this exam. Maybe due to the additional factor of hormonal imbalance. I can be euphoric in one moment, depress in another. Euphoric when the idea of getting to meet my bf very soon flash through my mind; depress because next Friday seems so faraway. I can't imagine when I'm sitting for Unis in the next sem. I might die of this "bipolar manic state" of mine. I don't want to miss him anymore. I want to be together with him, close to him and get pampered by him. Love sick + Exam sick + Hormonal imbalance ---> Esther in manic state / ki siao in hokkien. But I know I'll tackle every obstacle that lies ahead of me. I just need to be stronger!!! Yes, I can do it!! I must do it!!! Gambateh Esther Leow!!! 加油!!!

p/s: I miss you freakingly lots, Fu Yew!!! Good night~

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