Saturday, January 17, 2009


Today, I visited the KMC Hospital AGAIN... The story starts a day before my BSB Final Match (29th Dec 08), I got flu. I nearly missed the match because of this. I kinda ignore it, thinking that flu just need some rest and it will get better by itself, no antiviral drug what... I was wrong. I finished nearly 3 rolls of toilet paper and I still can't stop sneezing. My room was filled with "wantan"... After around 2 weeks, I've lost confidence with my theory, and went to Sonia Clinic to seek for help. I came home with some antibiotics, nasal decongestants and vit B12 complex + vit C. My condition was improved. But there was one night, I was aroused from my sleep by the severe pain on my right cheek. I can't sleep until the next morning. Worrying that the infection might have spread to my sinus. Next day morning, everything back to normal, I continued my antibiotic course and eventually I was healed from the flu. So happy, no more running nose, no more "wantan".

I was happy too early. Right after I finish the antibiotic course, I developed severe toothache in my right upper quadrant of my mouth! I started to lose patient with myself! One after another! I'm really pissed! Toothache is really very IRRITATING! I tahan for the next five days (because I was too lazy to go see a dentist). I thought maybe is just my wisdom tooth going to grow.

Since today is Saturday and I got the whole day off, so I dragged myself to the Dental Clinic early in the morning. Hoping to get some analgesic. After the dentist checked everything, he said there's nothing wrong with my teeth, clinically. So he asked me to do x-ray. I started to feel uneasy. I asked him whether is there any possibilities my wisdom tooth is erupting? He said very unlikely. The x-ray shows there's nothing wrong with my teeth, but can see that my teeth are very approximate to my maxillary sinus. He said maybe the pain I feel is referred pain from the sinus. So he sent me to ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) Department.

I hate to be back at the hospital again... After a short consultation from Dr. Rohit (which is kinda nice and funny, that's why I remember his name), he asked me to do a x-ray of my sinus to confirm the diagnosis. X-ray AGAIN??? Huhu. Don't like the idea of exposing myself to that radiation twice a day! So, I spent almost 2 FREAKING hour waiting outside the x-ray department just do a process that doesn't even take up to 1 minute! Haih...

I went to ENT department again to see the results. After looking at my x-ray, Dr. Rohit went like "OH NO~ You've got RIGHT SIDED MAXILLARY SINUSITIS!!". He sounded so scary. Although I already prepared myself for this, but when I listened to him, I felt scared again! Haha. My right maxillary sinus appeared opaque on the film, comparing to the left one which was very clear (black in colour). He started me on a medicine course consisting of:
1) Cefpodoxime Proxetil 1-0-1
2) Levocetirizine + Pseudoephedrine 0-0-1
3) Paracetamol + Aceclofanac 1-0-0
(So happy that I know few of the drugs given! Hahaha!)

Dr. Rohit asked me to go back for follow up next week. If my condition is not improved, than they'll do a CT scan on me and maybe a small surgery... Huhu... Sounds so scary! I just wish it's just an acute one and not chronic...

I feel so dissapointed with myself... I feel like I'm such a loser, losing so many times to organisms that are so much much much more smaller than me! I'm sick of telling people I'm sick... I'm really pissed with myself! I feel so sorry to Fu Yew and my family for always making them worry. If I didn't take good care of myself and become sick then I still can accept it! But I never skip meals, I'm not very choosy about my food, I exercise, I get enough sleep everyday, I even cook herbal soup to make myself stronger. I really don't understand it... Is it I got any underlying disease that yet to be found out? I wish that's not the reason...


Anonymous said...

get well soon,Esther.i will pray for you.Take good care k!miss ya loads.
Love,Siok Har

Esther Leow said...

thx ya siok har! miss ya lots too! hope ur doing well now! ^.^

ninja said...

hey,how come i've something like u again?but i haven't consult a doctor yet..yesterday,i have spit of blood..
kinda worry now

FuYew said...

Dun worry too much dear. Most likely is an acute sinusitis. Inflammation will subside in few days time. Muck! Speedy recovery! Love u always!

Esther Leow said...

To ninja: really? then u better go consult a doctor, FAST! before it get any worse. take care ya!

To FuYew: Hee! not worrying dy! it's lot more better now. hee! muahh! thx a lot dear! love u forever! keke!