Thursday, January 15, 2009

~LaUgH oF ThE DaY~

Anis was helping me out in the kitchen for the dinner today. I was cooking stir-fried brinjal with minced chicken which need salted fish as one of the ingredients. So I asked her to help me take out the salted fish from the fridge and soak them in water.

Me : Anis, tolong keluarkan ikan masin jap. Thanks.
Anis : Okay!
(After 1 minute or so...)
Anis : Esther, mana ni ikan masin tu? X jumpa2 pun?
Me : Adalah, dalam fridge tu, dalam beg plastik hitam.
Nad : HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Esther, cepat tengok Anis cari ikan masin kat mana!
(I turned my head...)

Anis was actually looking for the salted fish in the freezer compartment! She thought salted fish was like the other fresh seafood. Hahahahahahahahaha! (ROFL = Roll on floor laughing...)

Thank you, Anis for making my day. Hee.

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