Saturday, July 26, 2008


University Examination is getting closer and closer, and I'm getting more and more lazy... And more and more stress... My pimples all popped up already... How lar? Huhu... Everday study also didn't reach the targeted portion... Arghhhhh!!! I just wanna say, I'M STRESS!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

~SuPreMo BaLL 2008~

Strictly speaking, this was the first ball I've ever attended in my whole life. Never really dress up for a ball before. So I was really hoping that I won't overdo myself nor under dress for the function. I don't want to embarrass my date. I wan't him to feel proud with me walking by his side. This is my date aka my boyfried and me.

Thanks to Izzati, Nad and Anis for accompanying me to Udupi to buy my shoes. Thanks to the aunty in Profile Beauty Parlor for doing my hair for me. (She is also the one that perm my hair last time. |||-_- But this time she did a good job.) Must not forget, thanks to Lyvia, Ming Yin, Saou Saou, Chea Fann, Phei Woon and the gang for doing the make up for me. I really appreciate it! Last but not least, to Fu Yew, who had patiently waited for me to done with the make up, which took nearly 1 hour. Thanks for your patience my dear, and sorry for being late. Hehe...

The night started off with speeches and a series of performances. After the dinner break, it continued with award giving ceremonies and lastly band performance and dances. Of course, this is also the first time I dance with my boyfriend. I was kind of waiting for this moment. Dancing with your dream guy, which girl doesn't wish for that? Although the dancefloor was also filled with people busy taking pictures, but when he put his hands around my waist, it was only me and him. It was really like a dream come true, feel like i'm living in the fairy tale! Haha!

Thanks again my dear for giving me such a great time at the ball. Thanks for the roses and the dance, you make my night perfect! ^.^

p/s: I'm definitely going to learn how to make up after this! Cannot always depending on others, right? Hehe...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

~EnD oF 4th BLoCk~

Yahooooo!!! I've finish block 4 of first year MBBS!! Officially done! It's nearly one year I'm here. So I'm going to post a series of photos right from the first day I set my foot in India till now. If you guys got view my Friendster profile, I believe you've seen them before. Just scroll down and see whether you're in it or not. Enjoy!

When I first set my foot in India. With Anis.

Charity run.

First visit to Endpoint.

First time ride bus in India. Blur.

First visit to Malpe Beach.

Intercollege volleyball team.

Intercollege badminton team.

Interbatch basketball team.

JPA students. At MAHE building.

During my birthday. With Eddy.

Foodfest. With Izzati.

Interact Hall 2d. Where I spent one year in here, learning how to become a good doctor.

My dear, playing guitar.

With my beloved housemates, during Annual Dinner 2007.

Batch 21 during Annual Dinner 2007.

Fu Yew, Joon Keat, Yu Wei & Samuel, at a christmas party.

Table 6. With our table lecturers.

With Lyvia & Saou Saou during Lyvia's birthday.

With the greatest gift in my life, I'm going to appreciate him with my whole life! ^.^

Thank you guys for accompany me through all the ups and downs during this first year of MBBS, sorry for anything I've done wrong or hurt your feeling, please forgive me. Wish all of us will do well in our future! Let's work hard together! Aja!!! ^.^

Monday, July 14, 2008

~ONe StEp CLoSeR~

It's one step closer towards our dream vacation! Thanks to my beloved brother, Ben, for booking the flight tickets for us. Hehe. REDANG, WE ARE COMING!!! ^.^

Friday, July 11, 2008


Fu Yew bought a lobster from the fish market during his lunch break today! It was an accident finding, but that's only one. Maybe the lobster was separated from its fellow friends, and was lost on its way home, and eventually ended up in the fisherman's net. Awww, pity fellow... But don't worry, we were very happy to find you! Lol... The lobster only cost Fu Yew Rs50. Both of us never cook lobster before, so, Fu Yew just gave a shot. He cook it (or can say grill it) with butter and garlic. Hmmmm~~ The smell was so nice! The lobster was not very big though, but trust me, the flesh was damn nice!! So fresh, so tender, the smell still linger in my mouth... One is really not enough for both of us! But sadly we forgot to take the photo of the lobster after we cook it. We were so anxious in trying the lobster. The dinner tonight was superb! Hee...

Okay now, wipe off the saliva. ^.^

Sunday, July 6, 2008

~NeW BaG~

I bought a new bag! Hee... That's it. Nothing much actually. Shopping in the midst of exam stress together with Fu Yew. However, shopping in Manipal can be very frustrating sometimes. For example, both of us saw few pairs of shoes in the Factory Outlet store. We like those shoes a lot! We were so hyped up! But it didn't last long. When we ask the salesman for our sizes, he said that this was the last pair, no more sizes. This situation apply to all the other shoes we chose that day. I just can't believe it, such a big store, but all the shoes only left one pair. The feeling of can't lay our hand on the things we like, just imagine that, how frustated it is!! This may be the last time I shop with Fu Yew in Manipal, India. I really can't wait to fly back to Malaysia and really go shopping with him in all those newly opened shopping complexes. Muahahahahaha! I miss Malaysia's shopping complexes...

My new sling bag.