Sunday, June 22, 2008


I'm a crying baby. I admit that. Tears flow down my cheeks very easily. I'll cry for a sad movie. I'll cry for a touching scene. I'll cry for the dead. I'll cry for anger. I'll cry for happiness. I'll cry for stress. I'll cry for a nightmare. I'll cry for heartache. I'll cry for super spicy food. I'll cry most often for the one I love. When he said "I love you", tears of joy filled my eyes. When I dreamt that something bad happen to us, I would wake up and cry my lungs out. When I think that we'll going to be separated for almost 1 and a half years, my heart weeps. But overall, he brings lots more of happiness than sadness to me. That's why I love him so much. I'm not strong, but I'm not weak too, at least I'm dare to express my feelings. Recent evidence suggests that the tears produced by emotional crying may be a way that the body disposes of toxic substances. Then my body must be super intoxicated! A good cry will make me feel much better afterwards. So, when you feel like crying, just do it! This is recommended by an experienced person, that's me! No matter what, I wish everyone around me will happy always. Because that's also a source of happiness for me! ^.^

“Tears are the safety valve of the heart when too much pressure is laid on it.”~ Albert Smith quotes

Friday, June 13, 2008

~HapPy BiRtHdAy! HapPy MoNtHivErSaRy!~

Past few days were busy days... Few important events were lining up one after another! First is Daniel's wedding (8th June), then is my mom's birthday (10th June), follow up is my dear Fu Yew's birthday (11th June), next is our 6th monthiversary (12th June)! All were happy days! Heeee...

I wasn't able to attend the first 2 events. Hence, I can only wish them through mails. Hope that my mom will be happy with the card I sent her lar! Wish my mom will happy always, healthy always, pretty always and I love you always! LONG LIVE AGNES!! ^.^

Up next is one of the most important event of the year--- Fu Yew's 21st Birthday! Hee... As a girlfriend, of course I wanted to give him the best birthday ever! So, JK and me planned to organize a BBQ party for him. This is the first time I organize a birthday party for someone, especially the one I love. Fuuyoh, it's really not that easy, noob organizer maa... Haha. Have to prepare all the food and settings. Luckily got JK, Soo and Samuel (the FIRE-MAN) to help me out. If not, the party will be impossible! Thanks guys, it was quite a successful one! Keke... BBQ in the middle of a cold, windy, rainy night is really something unique. Sitting beside the fire, can feel the warmth from inside out! Hehe... Thanks to all the guests that attend also, it won't be a party without you all! But sadly we forgot to take pictures... No matter what, all those happy moments will always remain in my mind. The most important thing is, I just wish that Fu Yew really enjoyed the party, all these are for him, nothing is more important than his feeling! Hee... Enjoy ma, dear?

The next day is our 6th monthiversary! Without realising it, we've been together for 6 months! Recapturing all the things we've done together, my gosh, that was a lot!! Really appreciate all the moments we've spent together. Recapture the moments dated 6 months back, the night when we confessed to each other, the fireworks and the roses, oh, the feeling is sooooo sweet... Still can feel it deep inside me. Thank you so much for bringing rainbow into my life, hopes and also happiness. I will repay you with all my heart and pour all my love on you. Although it was just a simple dinner last night, but as long as we were together, no matter what, when or where, I will also feel happy always! I love you, my darling Duu! Muahhx!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

~I do I do~

This blog is specially dedicated to my beloved second brother, Daniel, and his fiancee, May Hui. They are getting marry tommorrow!!! Tonight is going to be his last night of being a bachelor! Can't believe that my super naughty, funny brother is getting marry first! Haha... Sorry Ben, no means to perli you. Keke... Whatever it is, this must be one of the happiest moment in our family for all these years!

I'm so happy for both of them. After been through all the ups and downs for so many years, at last, they are getting together forever! Congrates! Congrates! After all these years of "hardwork", at last, they are getting what they wish for! Haha! Congrates again! *wink* I'm going to have a sister in law! As you all know, I don't have a sister, having a sister in law means so much to me! Welcome to the family, May Hooi! I'll make sure everyone treat you well after this, especially my naughty brother, your beloved husband! Keke...

My house must be very busy and crowded now. I just wish I can be part of the wedding, helping out my mom in preparing the last bachelor party for Daniel, meeting with all the relatives who I haven't meet for a long time. I already missed their engagement dinner last time, now I'm going to miss their wedding some more... What a bad sister I am... Huhu... Nevermind, although I'm far in India, but my wishes and blessings will be there for both of you! Congratulations and wish both of you happy together forever, my beloved brother and sister in law! ^.^

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