Wednesday, November 12, 2008

~OuR StOrY~

Listening to the soundtrack of the movie "Secret" by Jay Chow, a lot of memories flashed in my mind. It was one of the early interests we shared together. Both of us love the movie a lot. Romance grew in me after I watched that movie. I started to search for the soundtracks. I love piano a lot (although I never know how to play one). I always have very little luck in downloading stuff online. In the end, you successfully downloaded the songs first. And you sent the zip file to me. I was so happy! Deep inside my heart, I feel so sweet~

Deepavali was here, and you went to Goa with your friends. Being unable to chat with you for few days makes me feel so down. Wanted to message you, but afraid will spoil your holiday mood. In the midst of despair, my phone rang, it's a message. It's from you! I'm so excited. We messaged each other quite a lot throughout the holiday. It was winter, Manipal was cold. Hiding myself underneath the blanket, listening to the soundtracks, waiting for your messages, the feeling was so amazing. I know my heart has opened it's door for you.

At last, you're back. You told me that along the journey, you kept on repeating the soundtracks, especially the 晴天娃娃. At first I didn't pay much attention to this particular song, but after you mentioned it, I started playing it again and again, kept on imaginating that I'm the girl in that song. Silly right? Lol. The feeling of loving someone secretly was so exciting. My adrenaline level was never normal at that time. Always wondering are you feeling the same way too? Hee.

This year's Deepavali has passed, it's almost more than a year since then. Now we're not playing the guessing game anymore. My adrenaline level may not fluctuate as much as last time, but it still shoot up to the ceiling whenever I receive a surprise or even a simple lovely message from you. I just know my love for you never stop growing. Happy 11th Monthiversary my dear! ^.^

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ninja said...

sweet post!!
Jay is also the bridge of me and bf..lolx.the movie secret and his album..but mine happened slightly earlier..the Raya holiday when we were back at home town.quite a similar love story...what a coincidence!!