Saturday, February 2, 2008

~BloCk II FIniSheD!!~

Yeay!!! At last, I’ve finished my Block II Exam!! I’ve officially finish my first sem of medic school life! I’ve been in India for 5 months! Wow, time DOES fly! Now, all of us (Batch 21) are having our first Semester break, a 1 month break. First time, really can relax n enjoy myself after starting my medic student life here in Manipal!

Majority of my friends had went back to Malaysia for holiday, some because of homesick, some because of Chinese New Year. Others stay back in India, some went to North India Trip, some just stick around in Manipal and study! (Crazy eh? This is medic student…) Me? I’m staying back in Manipal, first, accompany FuYew until he finish his second year Uni Exam, in the mean time, I’ll try to rearrange my previous blocks notes, study a bit of anatomy (hopefully I’ll have the will n strength to pick up the book! Lol!). Then, we will be going to travel to Kerala together! Heee… After that, I will be seeing him go back to Malaysia for his 4th Sem holiday…… Haiz…

Besides ol dat, we’ll be celebrating Chinese New Year on 7th February. This is the first time I celebrate CNY without my family… No angpow, no delicious mom’s handmade CNY biscuits, no reunion dinner with them, no new year clothes, no gambling, no shandy, no friends n relatives to visit… Surely will miss my family A LOT! In fact, I’ve been missing them a bit more each day lately! First time feel so homesick, although I very seldom call back home, but I do remember them every moment… Thinking dat, whether my dad n mom are healthy onot? Is my mom still owes bz with her church activities? Is my dad still that handsome? Does my big bro Ben got girlfriend dy onot? Does he owes accompany my mom in the house? How is my second bro Daniel and his fiancée May? Will they wait for me to come back from India baru get married? Tahan ek brother! Hee… How about the new house they’ve bought? Already finished building? My ah pek, ah mm, Kelvin, Frankie, ah so, Lawrence summore, are they healthy also? Hurmm… Please do take care oh my dear family! Forget me not! I miss u ol A LOT!! Don’t worry about me, I will take care of myself, even Fu Yew also will take gud care of me! Hee… I’ll be having my first oversea reunion dinner with him n other frens.

Lastly, just wanna wish everyone HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Enjoy as much as u can wor!! N pls do take gud care of yourself too at the same time! ^.^

p/s: NFY, dun u ever get disappeared like today again! I was worried like hell… I really realized how much I care n love you! Pls dun ever do dat again… T_T

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FuYew said...

I'm sorry, I promise wont do that anymore!!! Won't disappear, wont let u worry, *cross finger*. I am only goin back for 2 weeks++ a, then i can buy lotsa lotsa lotsa Msian stuff for u, heeeeeeeee! Muck, will surely miss u alot. =)