Wednesday, December 26, 2007

~MeRrY ChRiStMaS!!~

I had the best christmas ever in my life this year!!! Get ready for my christmas blog, my frens! heeeeee...

First of all, christmas is not just about countdown n parties, as a christian, we sudn't forget bout jesus christ especially at this point of time. I went to the church for the mass during christmas eve, together wif my beloved bf Fu Yew, his housemate - Yu Wei & fren - Samuel. I've been to the previous christmas masses wif my family, but this year, i'm faraway from them, n nth is more meaningful den going to church wif the one u love, dat's y i'm soooo touch n hepi dat FuYew came along wif me! Wut a caring n lovely bf, dun u think so? heeee... N i'm oso very hepi dat YuWei n Samuel came along too, the more the merrier! ^.^

After de mass, we went for some supper, den change venue to Perry's place for christmas party! Yeahh!! It has been a long time since i last went to a christmas party (i think it's around 3 years bec, at Catherine's house) n i was so excited bout it! The food there were very delicious! Some are ordered but some are prepared by themselves. Doctors can be good cook too! Bravo! Bravo! After the eating session, it's game time! We played few games, n everyone had a great time. Btw, i won 1 of the game n got a box of chocolate as reward! heee! Should c FuYew's face when i won, he was more excited den me! Lol! Oh ya, noe wut i got during the christmas gift exchange game? A globe! Lol! Summore i "steal" it from YuWei... I've plan to pin point on the globe places i'm goin to visit wif my dear bf in the future! heee... We left at around 3am, very very tired dy, but ol of us did have a great time! Thx Perry, Stephanie, n ol the other organizers! Great job!

As for christmas day itself, I had a superb buffet lunch at Valley View Hotel, together wif Fu Yew, Joon Keat, Yu Wei, Tze Hau, Hua Min, Abby, Kit Sze, Casey, Robin & Chern Lin. The food there were damn nice! Got turkey summore! N the best thing is, we took both the left n right turkey "drumstick"! Lol! 1 for Fu Yew n me, 1 for dailou n yuwei. Hahaha. After today's lunch n last nite's supper, my tummy had bulge forward n can be seen very easily!!! huhu..... but dun care dy lar! it's christmas!!! can eat is an enjoyment! 能吃是福!

We oso had a christmas volleyball game n basketball match! Haha! Really enjoy the games, as we sweat a lot, at least, can reduce the guilt after eating soooo much for past 2 days. Haha! N i had my christmas dinner at cosmo. Yeah, good food again... Lol...

Now, i would like to share wif u ol, the best christmas present i've ever got! It's from my dearest Fu Yew, it's a DIY teddy bear!!! Yup, he made the teddy bear himself! I was soooooooo touched n speechless when i got the present! Just imagine, a guy dat never use a needle n thread before, risking his life from getting pricked by the needle, use up to 2 weeks time, to prepare a x'mas present for u. Can u imagine dat??? It really make my heart melts, fell even more in love wif him! It's the cutest thing ever! Thank u sooooo much my dear! Luv u forever!! Muahhhhhhh!!! Heee...

It's the best christmas ever, first time i celebrate christmas wif someone i love sooo deeply, n i just wish dat i'll celebrate each n every christmas after this together wif him --- Ng Fu Yew! Merry christmas to ol of u!!! ^.^

Christmas party at Perry's house

Fu Yew + Joon Keat + Yu Wei + Samuel

My best christmas present - FuYew Junior

Fu Yew + Thian Nee + Fu Yew Junior

Christmas Lunch Buffet at Valley View Hotel

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

~LucKy PaTiEnTs~

Sori for the late update, i'm recovered my frens!!! heee... although i'm still under medications for the acute gastritis, but i'm feeling much much much better dy, no more pain in the tummy, can eat, can sleep, can run, can laugh. thx to my caring bf who is owes there for me when i'm in pain! dat's y i can recover so quickly! muahh!!! luv ya! heee...

But unfortunately, right after i recovered, he pula fall sick, common cold, fever & sore throat! n he is so stubborn! till now still dun wanna go to c doctor, self medication wor... hopefully it works lar! but really very kagum when looking at him n his frens discussing on wut medicine to take for his sickness, i can just oni sat at the side n listen to all those unfamiliar n bombastic terms! my gosh, wil i become like this in the future oso?? lol... Very heartache when look at him in such condition, watery eyes n nose, reddish face... Jus wish dat i can make him feel better... It's time for me to take care of him now!!

Hurmm... Wut can i do? He's adi on medication, so i think the oni think i can do is to cook some gud food for him! heee! ok now, it's not like i never cook before, but my cooking skill is very limited n cooking for a sick bf, it's the first time!! first day, i prepared some white porridge, ikan bilis n onion egg. 2nd day, i really wanted to cook some gud food for him, wanna make him feel better faster! So after class, stret call bec to m'sia for help! who else to ask other than my beloved great mum!! haha! she was so shock when she heard dat her daughter wanted to cook! she oso nvr tasted my cooking before! lol! Den went to buy ol the ingredients i need wif my rumate. Sud see my rumate's face, she was so excited, as nervous as me! she sed "Amoi nak masak... Wow!!!". Speechless2...

After battling wif ol the utensils n ingredients for more than 2 hours, at last!!! The dinner is done!!! This was really the first time i cook a full meal for sum1. Got ABC soup, steam egg wif chicken & fried veg (kacang buncis). i noe i noe, the dishes sound very ez to cook, but i hav to admit dat it is my limit dy! lol... N nth is more rewarding n happy den watching the one u love finish off everything u cook! So hepi to c him smile throughout the meal! How does it taste? Ask him urself then, cos in front of me, surely he'll sed it's delicious! Haha. Hopefully this wil make him recover quicker n not making his condition worse lar! really really really dun wan him to get sick again! My dear, get well soon k?

p/s: some of my frens sed according to tabib cina, patients wif fever n common cold kenot eat food dat contains egg n chicken, it wil oni make the condition worse! omigosh... wut hav i done?????? huhu....

Saturday, December 15, 2007

~BLoCk I ExAm ReSuLTs~

At last!!! The result was out last nyte!! Thank god!!! I passed every paper!!! heee!!! I was on ma way bec to my hostel from hospital (went to c doctor again, acute gastritis not getting any better), when i saw few of my batchmates were surrounding the notice board in front of ICHS. Oh no! result is out! Rapid contraction of stomach muscles, gastritis even worse! huhuhu...
When i tried to look at my results, i was blur! sooo many different column, which one is the total? which one is practical?? did i pass??? Then suddenly Fu Yew look at me n smile, "U passed!!" "izit?? really??? how to look at it??? i dun understand!!" then he explained 1 by 1 to me, rupa-rupanya, my other batchmates oso dun understand how to read the marks, lol... luckily got him! heee... thx dear! hee!!
I passed both theory & practical papers for all the 3 subjects (Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry)!! N i even got distinction for Physiology! muahahaha! I was so happy dat i passed my Anat practical papers oso! if u ol read my blog before this, wil noe how i flunked in my spotter exam... (Practical = Spotter + Histology Spotter). in fact, i din pass my anat spotter (46.5/100), but the i got full marks (40/40)in my histology spotter, dat's y, i can pass the whole thing! heeeeeeeeee!! so hepi!!!
Kla, dat's ol for my result. congrats to all my batchmates dat scored well especially those who got 3 distinctions, n to those dat din really do well, nvm! dun b sad! let's work harder together!!! Nail down Block II!!!!! Heeeee Yahhhhh!! ^.^

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

~AcuTe GaStRiTis~

This morning Fuyew brought me to Sonia Clinic, cos my stomach still din feel very well... after a short examination n consultation, i'm diagnosed to have acute gastritis... huhu... i hate the word "gastritis"!! how the hell i can get this sickness i oso hav no idea! i never skip my meals or diet, in fact, i eat a lot!!! dun believe? ask any of my close friends, u will noe den. heee... maybe is because of the night before during caroling, i din had my dinner until 11pm smth, huhu... the doctor prescribe zab pan (pantoprazole tablets) & flagyl tablets for me. I hav no idea wut they are, but Fuyew can tell me ol about it! impressed2! heee! yalar, 2nd year medic student mar, heeeee... pantoprazole is for gastritis, n the flagyl (metronidazole)is for anaerobic bacterial infections. he can even tell me the mechanisms of the medicine! keng2! ahahaha... ya, no doubt, u r reading a medic student's blog! heeee......

p/s: btw, my weight decrease to 52kg dy! huhu...

~I DuN WaNnA GeT sIcK AnYmORe~

Last nite was a hepi post, tonite is goin to b a lil bit sad but hepi as well... Haih... As u ol can c, i'm sick yet again! haiz..... i think is the same old sickness again, stomachache cos of wind... i vomitted this morning, after dat din hav my lunch cos of lost of appetite, then stret went to dissection class. really felt so energyless n uncomfortable the whole day... i hate it when i'm sick!! cos i'll make sum1 soooo worried bout me... huhu... but at the same time, i can feel his warmth n cares n this make me feel like i'm the luckiest girl in the whole wide world! N indeed, i think can get such a great guy taking care of me when i'm sick is the luckiest thing in the world! I got the chance to taste the porridge cooked by him, although it's just a normal plain porridge wif some scallops (thx tzehau for sponsoring, heee...), but it really taste very very very very very nice!!! i just can't help from smiling while eating the porridge! Thank u so so so so so so much for the effort n cares! u r the best!!! ^.^ Hopefully i'll recover soon lar, dun wanna make him worry anymore... heee... Esther Leow can do it!!! K.O. the sickness!!! Yeahhh!!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

~MeMoRaBLe DaY + CaRoLiNg NyTe~

Wow, i have had great time for these past 2 days! Although I'm so damn exhausted n tired now, but i just can't wait to jot down these wonderful memories of mine! Hee...

First, let's talk about yesterday (9.12.07 Sun). Still remember dat day i posted a personal message in my MSN messenger, saying "I wanna eat sushi......", many frens gave many different responses. Some laugh at me cos Manipal dun hav sushi, some suggested me go eat sushi at Bangalore (which is so damn faraway) etc2. But i nvr tot of somebody will really make an effort to make my wish come true!!! Hahahaha! Really very very surprise n hepi when he showed up this afternoon wif a tupperware in his hand, containing his self made "sushi"! heee... although he was very sad dat the outcome wasn't like wat he expected, but who cares??? it's the heart n effort dat count rite? N the sushi was very very nice n i was indeed really hepi n touched by him! heeeee... i like the sandwich-liked "sushi" very very very much! thx mouse!! ^.^

Besides that, i oso had a very special n great dinner dat nyte! It was the first time i felt the feeling of home after i came to India! Thx to the great cook - Tze Hau, n thx for FuYew for inviting me, n thx to Yu Wei, Joon Keat, Hua Min, Abby, Kit Sze, Casey, Robin & Samuel cos willing to let me join in the dinner! heee... We had herbal chicken soup, lala, big fish, big prawns, tomyam sotong n puding as a desert summore! keng ler??? The most impressive thing is, the food really taste very very very very very nice!!! hav to learn from Tze Hau dy next time, heee... as a girl, i oso feel paiseh (malu) to say this. ahahaha... 2 thumbs up to Tze Hau!! ^.^

Next wanna talk about is my first caroling in India! In fact, this can consider as the first caroling in my life oso, n it was really very fun n memorable! heee... The caroling group was quite large, almost 30+ i think, it is not only joined by christians, but quite a lot of non-christians oso came along to share the joyful moment. N he is one of them. heee... so hepi dat he came along, n help me to save the trasportation fee! kekeke.... We started off at 6pm, some of us rode bikes, some took auto. It's so fun to see all of us wearing red shirts n travel together like this! hehe... we went to 7 lecturers' houses, pls forgive me cos i dun really remember ol the lecturers' name, just remember few lects, especially those who r teaching me, for example, Sir James, Madam Saju, Madam Bincy & Sir Anand. I really wanna praise the spirit of our choir team, they ol are so professional, fun n patient. Although the surrounding can be very hot n sweaty, but we ol wil tahan n sing till the last songs! *clap clap clap*. heee. The christmas songs i love the most this year is Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, White Christmas & Feliz Navidad. N i'm so hepi dat he was willing to stay till the last moment n was so caring throughout the nite! Thx for his herbal tea, i dun get sorethroat now. Hehehe... I really had a great time tonite & hope that other ppl oso enjoyed it too! ^.^

I really appreciate everything u did for me. Thank you sooooo much! Heee... I just can't wait for Christmas to come now!! Merry Christmas to everyone!!! ^.^

Friday, December 7, 2007


Heeeeeeeeeeee, just wanna announce to the world dat i feel sooooo hepi lately! especially last nite! i just can't help myself from laughing n smiling from time to time. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... hahahahahahhahaha..... although my rumate sed "gelak gatal, tak tahan!", my frens sed "kisiao dy?", but who cares??? i just feel soooooooooo hepi! i just wanna laugh n smile! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! y i'm so hepi??? cos ar, cos got free food, cos got chinese herbal tea, cos i bought a new webcam, cos everynite b4 i sleep i got a lullaby, cos christmas is coming soon n cos SUM1 WAS VERY HEPI!!! heeeeeeeeee... dat's y! ^.^

Sunday, December 2, 2007

~InTerBaTcH GaMeSs~

~The girls' basketball team~
~No.13 RaWkKSs! Hahaha!~

At last, last nite i finished my last game in this year MMMC interbatch games! Woohooo!!! For the past month, I've been bz playing all sorts of games, nvr been so active before! ahahaha! wanna noe wut sports i played? as usual, volleyball n badminton i sure won't miss one, but this time, i've challenged myself wif other sports too!! such as ping pong, netball n basketball! play till my backbone feel like wanna break dy, huhu...
First, let's talk about volleyball, although we lost (in fact, we lost in ol the sports i participated, not even tru to the final! huhu....), but i had a great experience n satisfaction when playing wif my team! They were great! although they ol are still new to this sports, but they were very eager to learn n willing to practice in the evening! i really appreciate the spirit! thx sooo much to Lyvia, Yee Chin, Saou Saou, Elena, Marina, Pei Sze, Dayang & Sheela! Hope we can play more often together after this! ^.^
As for badminton, hurmm... kinda dissapointed we lost in the semi final... i was making lotsa mistakes... huhu... sud hav won in the last mix double match... haih... overall we lost 3-2 in the semi final (it's sudirman's cup format)... even the umpire personally oso felt dissapointed! not to mention ol the supporters... so sad dat nite, but nvm, i got free baskin robbin after dat! ahahahaha! Thx to our badminton team, u guys were great!! Khalis, Noh, See Liang, Helena & Dhania! not to forget our captain, Francis n Kelvin! hee...
Ping pong is next... We oso lost in the first game, 3-2 oso... Lost in mix double match oso... N i'm the in the mix double oso... waaaaa.... damn sad.... huhu... really need to brush up more in this event... N y am i owes the one dat played in the crucial event n LOST ar??? damn lousy lar wei... huhu... sori n thx to Lyon, Firdaus n his partner, Vincent, Cheow Teng n Rubiah...
Now, netball... I really really really din expect i'll play in this game! seriusly! i was just a supporter outside the court during the first half, then the next thing i realise, i was in the GK position in the 2nd half adi!! huhu... all these are due to my tallness... that was the first time i played a real netball game ler!! so nervous but luckily we won in dat game!!! ahahaha! but we lost in the semi final yet again... huhu... Our netball team was great! all are great passer n shooter (except me)! i can oni stand there n try to hit the ball n dun let the ball get into the net! hee... this is the list of our netball players: Izzati, Dayang, Dena, Fatin, Marina, Latchana, Eddy, Elena & Yan.
Last but not least, BASKETBALL!!! It's oso the first time i compete in this game! I joined this game oso due to not enuf player in our team. it's the hardest sport among ol the other sports i've participated. Need lotsa techniques, stamina, team co-operation n lotsa body contacts too (i hate this part). They say girls bsb, is like women fighting in the market! very ganas! ahahhaha! But i did enjoy playing this game, at least, i scored 3 points in the first match n 8 points in our last match! ahahaha! thx so much to Latchana, Francis, Tatt, Acap, Wafa, Lau, Xian n ol the other guys dat help us in our training. Not forgotten our cute n great team formed by Latchana (the best shooter), Dena (the best lay-up player), Izzati (the great rebounder), Dayang (the fast runner), Fatin, Marina, Priya, Sheela, Pei Sze & Eddy. I had a great tyme playing wif u gals!! ^.^
Not to forget ol our supporters! u guys were great! especially Nad, Anis, Atie n Mouse dat owes there for me in nearly ol my games! ahahahaha! thx guys for the support, really appreciate it! the oni souvenir i got from this interbatch games, are bruises n cuts ol over my knees n legs! huhu... neway, i enjoyed it! for upcoming games, i wud like to wish my batchmates ol the best n fight for more points!!! BATCH 21 IS THE BEST!!! woohoooooooooooo!!!^.^