Thursday, November 29, 2007

~ChAsiNg DrEaMs~

This blog is dedicated to a fren of mine, Kah Haw.
When i on9 tonite, Chin Keng ask me to go to visit Kah Haw's blog (, said i'll find something shocking in it. I was very nervous n scared at the same time, afraid wil find out smth bad happened to this gud fren of mine. Luckily, when i read it, i was relieved. At last, he started his journey d, his dream of becoming a 流浪者.
Still remember, before i came to India, we have a nice chat at Old Town Kopitiam. When i asked him wut he wanna do after this, he stret answer me he wanna travel around m'sia and maybe, the world! Normally, people wil laugh over such statements, but i believe in him, i believe he'll seriusly do it one day, it's the matter of time oni. Kah Haw is a guy wif his own unique dream n he is dare to chase after it. After reading his blog, i was touched deeply, can't believe he had started off with his journey! Wif oni few hundreds in his pocket! I salute u man!! Suddenly makes me miss him sooo much! Kah Haw, the guy who wil owes b there for ol of us when we need help, the guy that nvr fail to attend any appointment, the guy that cherish ol his frens lots, the guy that owes free whenever u wanna ask him to hang out together, the guy dat owes drive a big van n take ol of us for outing, the guy that takes care of everybody else, especially girls, a very responsible guy etc... I surely wil miss Kah Haw's presence next time when i hang out wif u guys again. Huhu. Kah Haw's spirit sud b an example to ol of us in chasing our own dream!
Kah Haw, i noe u'll take gud care of urself like u take care of ur K700i, hee! So we won't worry bout u, but just keep in touch k? Not oni ur house's door is owes open for u, all of us, ur frens, are owes available for u too, k? I'll keep the pics u made for me before i came to india well, Frens Foreva & GAMBATEH!!! ^.^

Friday, November 23, 2007

~FiRsT BLoCk~

Now, i officially announce, I HAD FINISH MY FIRST BLOCK!!!!! yeah!!!!!!! so excited!!! ahahahaha! still hav 3 more blocks to go before i end my first year of MBBS... *sweat*... regrettedly, i dun think i did my best in first block, exam oso kelam kabut, din finish study this din finish study dat... blur2... first time feel so miserable during exam... i just wish i won't fail any of the paper... let me make a short note on my first block exams:
ANATOMY : WORST paper ever!! spotter paper sure fail!! (wut is spotter? refer below.)
PHYSIOLOGI : EASIEST paper out of the 3 papers! but sadly... din hav enuf preparation, so, dun think did very well oso...
BIOCHEMISTRY : MODERATE la... too much things to memorize dy, when exam, all got mixed up. huhu...
conclusion: if can pass, i'll b really thank god dy! ^.^

* Spotter exam... the scariest n hardest paper i've ever took! in this exam, there wil b 30 stations, out of it there are 5 rest stations. every station wil hav either a dissected limb (hand or leg), bone, x-ray or embryology diagram. then we are asked to identify the structure n answer questions. oh, did i mention, in each station, they'll oni giv u 1 MINUTE!!! n i think i fail to answer 80% of the questions... huhu... god please bless me... i just wish to hav a pass in anatomy... huhu...

Everyone is saying that the first year of medicine is the hardest, n i can c n feel dat. All of us were damn pressure mentally n physically throughout the exam week, plus sum of us are suffering from homesick, this make the condition even worse. n i really really thank god dat everytime when i feel like wanna crack down n drown under the notes n books, there is owes something or someone to save me, pull me bec from insanity n giv me strength! i really really really appreciate it! thanks n thanks n thanks n thanks n thanks soooo much! ^.^

Ok, second block is starting! Friends! Let's work harder this time! We can do it!!!!! GAMBATEH!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

~LeOnID MeTeOr~

It was the best night ever, after I came to India! I saw Leonid Meteors last night!!! Although it was not the first meteor in my life, but last night one, was the best meteor I’ve ever seen!

I got the news about this Leonid Meteor from Fu Yew, a batch 18 senior. He is also a night sky lover. I was so excited and looking forward for this meteor shower. It has been a very long time since I last enjoy myself looking into the starry night. But the problem is, the peak of the meteor shower is at dawn, and my hostel has curfew at 12am… How ar? I thought I will miss the meteor shower, but luckily someone offered to accompany me at basketball court till the next morning if I was locked out! Ahahaha…

One more thing I like about India is, the night sky here is always cloudless, very clear and got a lot of stars!! Seriously, I never saw such a nice sky before in my life. Some more we watch it at Endpoint, a place that is faraway from city lights (as if here has a lot of city lights… Haha!) and the view is superb!! The whole gang of batch 18 seniors were there, and they were fun! They all so semangat (especially Tze Hau), prepare mats and hot drinks some more, we all were like picnic in the dark. But it was freezing cold! Winter in India ma… Regret I didn’t bring my jacket, but nevermind, a gentleman offered me his jacket, and he ended up using a raincoat to cover his body, pity him, ahahahaha… Thanks so much ek!

After settling down with all those mats and drinks, we all sat in a row against a fence and tilted our head back, listening to songs, waiting to see our first meteor of the night. But not everyone was that lucky, sometimes some people saw it, some didn’t. Because it’s not the peak hour, so there was not much meteor, only one after a long time. But there was one meteor (the nicest meteor I had ever seen in my life!!!), it was the longest one, and everyone manage to see that! Everyone was screaming with excitement and some were making wish… I was too excited d, till I forgot to make my wish… T_T

We all planning to wait till the peak hour but very sadly, the local police came to shuuuu us off… We tried to reason with them, but seems like they don’t understand what we were talking about… Haiz… No choice, can’t fight with the police mar, so we packed our things and headed back… What a sad way to end the night… A more saddening thing is, when I reached my hostel, it was locked (it was almost 2.30am d), but the guard was very nice, she let me in but I have to write my name on a book… According to senior, I have to pay a compound lar… But who cares? I’ve enjoyed the best night of my life!!! Thx to all those people that made the night so fun! ^.^

p/s: I got a star last nite! n it's orange in colour! it's "Estar". Thx mouse! ^.^

~NeW LiFe In InDiA~

Hey frens!! i'm at india for almost 1 week adi! but it feel like i've just came here yesterday! huhu! get ready guys, sit back n relax as u read through my first blog in india! hee...

Too many things happen in the past week, but i try to summarize it n just write ol those interesting one! First of all, the air here is very dusty, n the road in india is seriusly very very scary!! You'll hear horns all the time, a lot of pot holes (but this didn't slow the driver down), the drivers usually won't follow the traffic rules. I feel so tense whenever i wanna cross the street! There's a very interesting transportation here, it's called AUTO, it's a very small n cute n fast vehicle! hee.. very cheap oso. But i think it's hard for u guys to imagine, u wil understand when u stand on the road of india one day!

The first lesson i learnt in india is --- NEVER eat while u r walking on the street!!! On Monday, when my frens n i were on our way to the Interact Halls for registration, we bought packs of very delicious tuna sandwiches. As i was too hungry at dat time, i decided to eat while walking to the halls, which was, a very bad decision! I was ATTACKED!!! Not by human, but CROW!! A damn, silly, dirty, scary n black CROW!! at first it flew very low n tried to snapped my sandwich, but it din succeed, soon after dat it grabbed my head twice!!! using its claws... waaa... sooooo scared at that moment! but luckily my new hair protected me lar, no wounds! ahaha... no choice, have to sacrifice my sandwich lor... later heard my frens sed dat luckily it's crow, not dogs... they say dogs here also wil attack ppl for food... scary ler??? huhu....

Communications are kinda hard here, their english are so hard to understand. The slang here is kinda weird, they like to add a 'no' at the bec of each sentence, n sumtimes, this can get very confusing! for example, when they wanna say yes, it wil be like "Yes no." So, it's a YES? or a NO? N they seriusly like to "geleng" their head when they talk, even i oso sumtimes follow them to "geleng" as well! huhu...

These are some of the interesting thing i wanna share so far, if i tot of any other things, i write it next time lar! Till then!

~FiRsT BLoG~

Hey frens, sorry for all the inconveniences, I have to shift my blog from friendster to here because of the lousy service provided by friendster! I've been wanted to update sooooo many things after i came here to India, but the friendster blog always buat hal! Dunno y, i can't update!! So geram! So, I'll be using blogger instead. I'll try to shift the previous blog about India into here. Trying to make this blog, a diary of my life in India lar. Keep in touch ya frens!! ^.^